SNO SNO Shared Masternode Deposit Form

➤ SNO Masternode Collateral is 4000.00000000

➤ SNO Deposit address is SQ4Xe4fgxfuWksDCdUibPMMUuEm58Bkn8J

Please complete this form to sign up for our Shared Masternode Service.
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Terms of Service:

(1) Deposits:
Deposits should be whole numbers of coins, anything following the decimal is considered a donation. (ie. 10.26 HASH) .26 would be a donation. (2) Amount of shares you can hold:
You can hold any amount of shares. There is no minimum to participate. (3) Frequency of payments:
Payments will be at least every 7 days (typically on Sunday), but may be more frequent for newer MNs in order to use rewards towards more MNs. (4) How long you have to keep coins locked in:
Once a MN is started, no withdrawals are permitted for 7 days. If you would like to forfeit your share position, you must provide a minimum of a one week notice to the Administrators (CryptoHashTank). We will first permit current shareholders to buy the forfeited shares. If no one purchases the shares within 72hrs of notice, we will advertise publicly to ensure the Masternode stays active. (5) Administration costs:
The cost of participation is 4% of earnings. This fee is used for hosting, managing payments, transfers of shares, selling of current shareholder positions, maintenance, etc.